GlerAkur pro fest_smWhen composer and sound designer Elvar Geir Sævarsson (of Dys, Hellvar, Heiða og Heiðingjarnir fame) had some time off from his work at the National Theatre of Iceland, he recorded bits of music just for himself, which his friend found so appealing that she sneaked it in for a once-off broadcast on the Icelandic radio. These richly layered walls of sound fortunately found their way onto the desk of Prophecy Productions, who did not hesitate to offer the artist a contract … on the strength of this one track.

The music of GlerAkur – the name being comprised of the Icelandic words “gler” (glass) and “akur” (field) – subsumes elements from post rock, drone, ambient and black metal music. It is an intensely atmospheric experience that lends itself to the accompaniment of a narrated story, and indeed, Elvar’s first effort under this header was writing a soundtrack to the 1911 play “Bjærg-Eyvind og hans Hustru” (“Eyvindur Of The Mountains”) by dramatist Jóhann Sigurjónsson. Although this extraordinary fusion of modern rock music and classical literature alone is worth paying close attention, there is more to expect from GlerAkur: The artist plans to complement his daring music with imagery and works on multimedia live experiences, the first one of which will take place at this year’s Prophecy Fest.

Check out GlerAkur’s first official recording „Can‘t You Wait“ here in order to get a first impression of its music:

German Festival in July:

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More information about GlerAkur here: