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The punk band Vonbrigði was formed in November 1980 by Gunnar E. Knudsen (bass), Jóhann Vilhjálmsson (vocals), Árni Kristjánsson (guitar), Þórarinn Kristjánsson (drums) and Gísli M. Sigurjónsson (guitar). The band opened the “Rokk í Reykjavík” documentary (1982) by the anthem “Ó, Reykjavík”.

Vonbrigdi anno 1983

Their first release, a 7 inch, was the 11th record on the famous Gramm label (Gramm 11). It was recorded at the Hanagal Studio.

Here is the interesting review by Jeff, found on his site ‘Life in the vinyl lane’:

OK, so the opening track of this four-song nugget “Sjalfsmorð” was not at all what I expected – very post-punk, with emphasis on the post! This has that weird Þeyr-esque quality about it that I find so hard to describe other than to say “I know it when I hear it” or “it sounds like downtown Reykjavik on a windy day.” Certainly not the agro of “Ó, Reykjavík” for which Vonbrigði are so deservedly famous. This and the other side A song, “Eitthvað Annað,” have more in common with perhaps early Talking Heads than anything else I can put my finger on.  The B side tracks, “Börnin þin” and “Skitseyði,” both appear on the 2010 compilation mini-album “Ó, Reykjavík” and are more punish with faster tempos and more attitude. There’s still a post-punk/early new wave element at play, but the B side has a certain sneering quality about it that seems to fit.

Source: http://seattlehockey.net/blog/2015/03/31/vonbrigdi-vonbrigdi-7/


Side 1

Sjalfsmorð (4:12)

Eitthvað Annað (1:55)

Side 2

Börnin þin (3:23)

Skitseyði (3:15)

On the Side 1 of the single is mentioned Side 1 Skitseyði instead of Sjalfsmorð !!