Music Videos featuring Iceland’s Emotional Landscapes

Yearly more and more tourists bring a visit and shoot a giga amount of videos and photos of Iceland Naturally. For years makers of commercials visited the island in the North Atlantic for its fantastic scenery. Nowadays more and more film crews come over to illustrate their screenplay with geysers, blue lagoons, volcanoes and glaciers.
But not only these guys invade the country, foreign musicians have been choosing Niceland to make some video clips.
Already in 1979 video killed the radio star. Let’s play ‘I want my MTV’ goes Iceland. Here is an overview of the shooting stars shot in Iceland in chronological order since 1983.

Gullfoss in wintertime

Echo & The Bunnymen
“Cutter” from the “Porcupine” album (1983)
McCulloch said in 1993, “If we had slipped there wasn’t anything for hundreds of feet below us.” In 2001 Griffin said, “[…] the sun barely appeared the whole time we were there. To walk, stand up, or just think seemed a massive effort.” Despite the danger the filming proved its worth when the British music magazine Q said in 2001, “The Porcupine cover is the epitome of rock band as heroic archetype – young men on some ill-defined but glorious mission, one easily as timeless as the stars and the sea.” Describing the album cover, journalist Dave Rimmer wrote in British music magazine Smash Hits, “Iceland does seem an appropriate location for this group. It’s isolated, cold, bleak and fits perfectly with the moody image they’ve attracted to themselves.”
Source: Wikipedia

The road from Keflavík to the capital Reykjavík
Madchester’s electronic band 808 State & Björk
“Ooops” from album entitled “Ex:el” (1991). Years later 808 State’s Graham Massey became a compagnon de route for Björk.

Blue Lagoon

Spice Girl Melanie C went solo and came to relax at the ‘Bláa Lónið’ Geothermal Spa.
“Never be the same again” (2000)

Black beaches of the southern coastline
British band Ash became black beach boys.
“There’s a star” (2001) from the album “Free All Angels”

South coast Skogarfoss – Dyrhólaey
Norwegian singer Christine Guldbrandsen went to the south coast as well.
“Surfing the air” (2003)

Skateboarders at Ingólfstorg – Austurvöllur Square – On a bike downtown
Another Norwegian singer, Maria Mena, stayed in the city to bike around.
“Just a little bit” (2004)

Glacial, snowy landscape
The Ocean Blue
“Sublime” (2005)

The cliffs
Cliffhangers Take That
“Patience” (2006)

Gregory Darling
“Shell” from the album with the same name (2007)

Swimming pool
Belgian/Dutch artist Novastar
“Never Back Down” (2007)

Hotel Borg at Austurvöllur Square
Sophie Ellis-Bextor booked a room in the notorious, luxury Hotel Borg, nearby Iceland’s parliament Alþing.
“Today The Sun’s On Us” (2007)

Black sand beaches
Dutch band Alice DJ
“Back in my life” (2009)

Skogarfoss – Svartifoss – Geysir area
“Waendi” (2009)

Dyrhólaey – Southcoast
Irene Nelson
“Sunrise” (2009)

Lava fields – Gullfoss
Milk Inc.
“Run” (2009)

“Out of my hands” (2009)
Unfortunately he got hurt when his jeep crashed nearby Höfn.

Black beach
“Stay” (2010)

Icelandic horses – Ein met öllu – Hipster Atli Bollason (Sprengjuhöllin)
Washed Out
“Amor Fati” (2011)
The director, Yoonha Park, come over here in the summer of 2011 with a small crew. We hung out for a few days and then he ‘recreated’ the experience in the video…

In lopapeysa sweater
Bon Iver
“Holocene” (2011)

Frenchman David Guetta feat. Australian singer Sia
“She wolf (falling to pieces) (2012)

The Saturdays
“My heart takes over” (2011)

Icelandic horses
“Down on life” (2012)

- Wim Van Hooste