Guy is in a lucid state of dreaming a little nightmare, he is surrounded by elves girls that are playing games with him in the dream. Ljúfa ást or sweet love is the name of the track, and they are talking in his head trying to seduce him to come into their world with giving him all what he wants to know about love and desire. In the chorus he is asking for what is the secret of love and he begs that than he would love to be awaken or in a dream as he would know the secret to love by beholding the crystal ball. They say to him that when the eye meets eye than the love is deep and that is the golden rule to souls person which you are seeking love with. But that is not enough answer for him as he seeks more and more knowledge In the middle of the video he gets the hold of the crystal ball but the understanding about what he seeks to know is to much to bare as there are good as dark side to secret knowledge of love and desire. When he gets the knowledge than the evil elf goes after him but he wonders between places in the dream.He loses his mind when he can’t enter the good elf girls world into the rock in the canyon.,The crystal ball is the metaphor for the magic and knowledge that the hidden people behold and people should be careful what they wish for and not fall for temptations. Eva dögg Atladóttir is the female vocalist in the track. She’s a hardcore yogi and a art godess. She brings the correct vibes into the vocal in the track with her mystical voice Lyrics Dunar dansinn dátt dunar veröld blá dunar dynheimum í dunar lagið hátt og lágt dunar hjartans sláttur dunar valsinn , svenfgalsinn dunar minn lífsmáttur alda heimi í… Ljúfa ást ljúfa ást ég vil þitt leyndarmál þá er ljúft að vaka dreyma þá elskendur eru aldrei sparir ástin hverja svörun veit þegar mætast þyrstar varir þá er svölunin djúp og heit bæði djúp og heit, bæði djúp og heit… þú sem ljós ert í myrkri, ég sé þig dreymir dag og nótt um ást þína eins og hönd snertir hönd lát varir nálgast saman auga nam auga, ég elska þig Ljúfa ást, ljúfa ást ég vil þitt leyndarmál þá er ljúft að vaka, dreyma þá…. english version Dance is high and the world is blue the spirit is high dynheimum in (in elves world) the song goes high and low as goes the beat of the heart dance goes on the lucid state of dreaming. in the world that I live in sweet love, sweet love I want your secret high above than its good to dream and to be awake lovers are never spare love knows all the answers when thirst lips meet than the love is deep, both deep and hot. You are light in the dark, I see you Dream of you every night and day of your love as hands meet hands let lips meet lips eye meet eye, I love you… Sweet love, sweet love I want your secret high above than its good to dream and to be awake…. h


Special thanks to the filming company Kukl.