Director: Owen Hindley at Huldufugl

Camera: Hrafn Jónsson

Music: Iris Thorarins

Askur Yggdrasill is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology.

On Reykjavik Culture night 2016, artist collective Huldufugl created a 370 square meter immersive public art installation with Yggdrasill situated at its core. Creator of the music and soundscapes for the instalment was composer Iris Thorarins (aka solo artist ÍRiiS). The project consisted of a maze built around multiple Nordic inspired worlds such as Paradise, Hel and finally, the realm of Yggdrasill.

The following track depicts the realm of Yggdrasill and is one of the three main compositions that were heard as people walked through the installation.

All three songs were published on the EP Songs of Yggdrasill by Iris Thorarins in September 2018.