From his solo debut album ‘Two Trains’ out now. Order on LP/CD/DL:

“When approaching this video I wanted to create a counter-narrative that gave the music an alternative scope. The song speaks about the urgency of progress and development: ‘Hit the strings so they may sing and loudly resound! Pull us forward, like rocks gravel and dreams.’ Progress is, in a sense, about running away from the past. That’s what I latched on to for the video concept. It tells the story of a castaway seeking shelter as he attempts to escape the past. Crumbling and fatigued he stumbles upon a lake from which he decides to drink. Suffice to say it has its consequences.” — Högni

Directed by Högni Egilsson & Máni Sigfússon.

Producer : Bjarni Grímsson

Drone: Ragnar Hansson

Actress : Snæfríður Ingvarsdóttir

Horse: Darri