Official video for the song by Flekar “Blue Whale Blues”.

Flekar are: Vignir Andri Guðmundsson, Sigurbjörn Már Valdimarsson og Skúli Arason

Song: Flekar

Produced, engineered and mixed by: Sigurbjörn Már Valdimarsson

Photography: Skúli Arason, Sigurbjörn Már Valdimarsson og Vignir Andri Guðmundsson

Editing and processing: Skúli Arason

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Blue Whale Blues remember way back then in your father’s house we would stay up till the break of day and listen to Kid A but track three I wasn’t sure you said I was a bore as I recall but it doesn’t seem that real to me at all and I’m getting kind of scared that all of it was just an image from a song and I saw you there alone on a train a single tear ran down your face and I wish I’d known your name so I could break your heart like a tragic piece of art I would keep it close to mine I would, yes I would keep it close to mine as I should but I’m getting kind of scared, that it was that all it was, was someone else’s tear and we could travel far to foreign lands we would sleep on the airport floor and take the flight at four but we have never met but still you never let me sleep those eastern nights still cut so deep getting kind of scared that all of it was all too real and I wished you were a big blue whale so I could swim inside your veins and make my home inside your heart but there are hunters on the sea who don’t care that much for me or what I found so I will build my house on solid ground I will, yes I will instead of me swimming round and round besides I would be kind of scared that it would be hard to breathe inside a metaphor