Schermafbeelding 2015-06-28 om 11.58.59FALK this way

On Tuesday 30th June at 21:00, The FALK music and art collective will be hosting an album release concert at Húrra for the debut release from Icelandic electronic producer ULTRAORTHODOX. Performing as support alongside ULTRAORTHODOX will be the acts LV PIER and KRAKKKBOT.

FALK (Fuck Art Let’s Kill) is a consortium of multi-genred artists, encouraging creative expression and releasing and promoting the works of its constituents. The FALK year 00 is 1997 when three founders found themselves sitting together in a grimey suburban high school smoking area for the first time. Nothing happened after that for a decade and when it finally did it wasn’t much. But it hasn’t died and it will live on forever.

To kill or be killed. Such is the way of the FALK.

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