Diplopia in music

So the Cocteau Twins, Thompson Twins, Gutter Twins, Aphex Twin are not twins at all?! But there is a long list of musical twins around the world. The Proclaimers, Bros, Bee Gees, The Breeders, Good Charlotte, Tokio Hotel, Blonde Redhead, Styx and Doves, all of them have twins in the line-up.

But enough about the foreign twin brothers and sisters. Let’s talk about the monozygotic and dizygotic ones of Iceland.


Making music with family members

Same love for music

From the cradle to the stage

Harmonizing is very easy

Share more than just physical traits


Gyða and Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir (aka Kría Brekkan) born January 5, 1982

Pascal Pinon = Ásthildur and Jófríður Ákadóttir

Rúnar Magnússon and Kristinn Þeyr Magnússon (Kikkó) are identical twins. Rúnar was born 10 minutes before Kristinn.

Rúnar received a Master degree in electronic music composition from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. Kristinn studied at the Icelandic film school. Rúnar playes various electronic toys and computers.

Kristinn is vocalist.

Different bands, Kristinn has been in a couple of rock and metal bands. (Hún Andar, Drep, neither is active today, but now in the band Sker)

But last few years Kristinn has done improvised guest performance with electronic bands such as Reptilicus, Vindva Mei and brother Rúnar under the name The Crying Cowboy.

Rúnar is in electronic duo Vindva Mei and solo using own name.

Taste is similar. Though it goes into different direction (metal/Rock vs. electronic) it has some similar qualities. Slow, grinding, droney stuff.

Iðunn and Bergþóra, identical twins (Rúnar’s daughters) are an upcoming act


Gísli and Arnþór Helgason made an album called “Í bróðerni”

Einar Vilberg and Stefán Vilberg of the band Noise

“A Stab in the Dark”

Brynja and Drífa of the band Real Flavaz

“Get it on”

Sísý Eyþórsdóttir (Sísý Ey) and Elísabet Eyþórsdóttir


Many Thx to Jens Gud, Maggi and Nicolay Vladimirov

- Wim Van Hooste -