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Photo by Haukur Þorsteinsson

The sun does not always shine

Former drummer of the band Sólstafir, Guðmundur (Gummi) Óli Pálmason, was not happy with an article published in DV on 9. July 2016. 

Interview ignored the energy he has put in the band for more than 20 years.

In January 2015 he was suddenly ‘removed’ from the band.
The matter is currently at the Supreme Court of Iceland and their ruling is expected pretty soon.
This is what Gummi has to say at the moment:
“I have not been payed one cent of merch or royalty money since January 2015 but I am currently paying debts for our company Svalbard Music Group ehf. These debts were accumulated by singer Aðalbjörn on tours I wasn’t on, he has hollowed the company out from the inside while I am financially responsible for the company.”

Read Gummi’s long statement from June 2015 about his ‘Forced Absence’ here:


In case you are wondering what Gummi is doing lately check out his fantastic new project with the name “Katla”. This duo released a 7 inch entitled “Ferðalok”, in my humble opinion the best Icelandic release of 2016.

So far so good. Check “Katla” out here:

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– Wim Van Hooste