Songs about Stars, Planets and Moons in Icelandic music

I got the idea of putting some songs together about the sun, stars, planets and moons, by hearing the name Starwalker, a 50/50 Air and Bang Gang duo.
Talking about Moon Safari: Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts came for an Apollo Astronaut Training to the Askja area in 1967.
Who’s Iceland’s Major Tom?

Einar & Björk, this is ground control.
The Sugarcubes made a perfect song to leave the capsule.
“Planet”, a song featured on their 2nd album “Here today, tomorrow next week!” (Smekkleysa, 1989).

The universe it is so big,
I feel dizzy when I think about it,
My head swims I get giddy,
Still I realize that long ago,
It was so small I could have kept it,
Underneath my little skirt,
At least until the big bang happened,

Every man, every woman.

Sun planet the universe and me,
When I’m excited and have to wait,
My organs start to move, my lungs pump,
Cells flow faster on tracks inside me,
I demand to see myself from within,
Be a cell for a day.

Every man, every woman

Sun, planet, the universe and me
The universe and me…ooh…
The universe and me, am I a planet? woaah!
The universe and me… woah!!
co-o-ome, na-na-na-hee-ooh!

The planets and me we get along so well together
Gliding down imaginary rollercoaster-paths along the sky
I can do somersaults around Jupiter if I feel like it
Nothing can stop a planet
But a planet can stop anything at all

Every man, every woman

Sun planet the universe and me
The universe and me, the universe and me,
The universe and me, the universe and me.

Björk and planets, in the 90s still on her mind.
Remember these 2 songs:
“Venus as a boy” on “Debut” (1993)

“Pluto” on “Homogenic” (1997)

There’s even more coming from outer space.
“Earth Intruders” on “Volta” (2007)

Angels of the Universe
In 2013 Dr. Gunni and his friends made his 2nd children’s album entitled “Alheimurinn!” (The Universe!), featuring the fantastic song “Besti Vinur Minn Er Geimvera” (My best friend is an alien)


The soundtrack of Friðrik Þór Friðriksson movie “Angels of the Universe” (Englar alheimsins) features the compositions of Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, as well as two songs Sigur Rós, namely “Bíum Bíum Bambaló” and “Dánarfregnir Og Jarðarfarir”.

Moon Walking
Biggi Hilmarsson’s group Ampop tried to walk in Neil Armstrong’s shoes in
“Sail to the moon”.

“Shoot the moon” from Mínus 4th album “The Great Northern Whalekill”)(Smekkleysa, 2007)


Ólafur Arnalds’s “Tunglið” a track from his album “…and They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness” (Erased Tapes, 2010)…

By the way, Tunglið (The Moon) was the name of a famous concert venue downtown 101.

Again Björk, Einar & Co.
Before the ‘Cubes, KUKL already adored Planet Earth’s closest friend.
“Moonbath” from “The Eye” album on the infamous Crass Records (1984)

The band Mosi frændi found a princess on planet Mars: “Prinsessan á Mars”

“Plútó” from “Fallegir Ósigrar” album (Smekkleysa, 1997)

Bang Gang
Barði Jóhannsson is adoring the great ball of fire in “Look at the sun”, featured on his album “Something Wrong” (2003).

“Planet Earth” (Jupiter Lovers, 2013) is the title of Berndsen’s 2nd album

IKEA Satan
“Sound of the planet” (2010)

Intergalactic Bands

Dj flugvél og geimskip (dj airplane and spaceship) plays refreshing electronic space-music. It is a mix of playful beats, cool base and high pitched vocals. The songs relate to the moon, mystics of the infinite space and vivid dreams.


Síðan Skein Sól, better known as SSSól (And then the sun shined)

Phone home!

Thx to Jen goes digital and Björn Gunnlaugsson

– Wim Van Hooste