Iceland has FM Belfast and plenty of radio stations. But there is a new bird circling in the clean air. Radio Iceland, a new national Icelandic music/English talk radio station went on air mid February 2015. A station that broadcasts news about Iceland, the ever changing local weather and the road conditions around the clock. But what makes it so special: you get (almost) 100% Icelandic music in your ears. Furthermore they are doing interviews with noteworthy people and stories about Iceland and its residents. For example about the popular Reykjavík Zoo at Laugardalur, Icelandic whale beer, the new Whale Museum, art exhibitions, art museums, experiencing Northern Lights and a meet and greet with the hidden people at suburb Hafnarfjörður ;-).
There is a weekly ‘what’s going on’ downtown 101 RVK talk in collaboration with the almighty Grapevine Magazine crew on Friday afternoon. You’ll find out where to spot the most beautiful women in the world, where the hot spots are to grab a cheap beer during happy hour, and where to see the smoking hot local rock stars at their favorite spot.
You can listen to the programs “Beneath the ice – Emerging Icelandic music” by host Kristján Haraldsson on Saturday. On Sunday night there’s a program by host Jan filled with jazz(y) tunes. “Reykjavík Rocks” by host Unnar Helgi Daníelsson Beck is a brand new program on air.
Their focus lies on tourists driving the full circle around Iceland, and foreigners interested in Icelandic music and culture, as well as the daily life in Iceland.
The station plays a broad range of Icelandic music, mainstream and indie, brand new and golden oldies. So Bubbi, Megas, Stuðmenn and Todmobile are side by side with Prins Póló, Fræbbblarnir, Utangarðsmenn and Ghostigital buzzing in your ears.
People can tune into Radio Iceland on FM frequencies 89.1 in Reykjavík, 87.7 in Akureyri and 89.9 in South Iceland, or listen to it online on
The radio Walhalla for all Icelandic music lovers around the globe for sure.

– Wim Van Hooste