Aela bandÆla (translation: Puke) is an Icelandic post-punk band, well known for their mesmeric and explosive live performances, jagged tunes and tense dynamics.

The vomiting members are: Hafþór Skúlason on Drums, Hallbjörn V. Rúnarsson on Vocals/Guitar, Sveinn Helgi Halldórsson on bass and Ævar Pétursson on Guitar.

Æla have inspired comparisons to greats like the Minutemen, Shellac, Les Savy Fav and Slint from fans and critics. However, it’s their inimitable boundless energy and their sense of fun that have garnered praise from all corners.

The release of their difficult 2nd album “Vettlingatök” is on 1. July 2015. The album was recorded at Skúlagata, Reykjavík back in 2013.

You can buy the album as 180 gram vinyl for only 20 EUR on their Bandcamp site:

Some facts about the album:

Recording: Sveinn Helgi Halldórsson
Mixing: Albert Finnbogason
Mastering: Finnur Hákonarsson
Album Art: Gísli Dúa

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