On Thursday 21. April it was the First Day of Summer (Sumardagurinn fyrsti), a public holiday in Iceland. ROK brings the summer in the city with some tracks about the summer season.

“Sumarið kom í dag” (The summer came today) by Heiða trúbador 

“It’s a summer thing” on “Lost under a pile” (2007)

Benni Hemm Hemm
Benedikt H. Hermannsson released the “Summer plate” EP in 2003

Bubbi Morthens

Sumarið er Tíminn” and “Sumarið í RVK”

“Summertime logic” on his second album “Celebrating life” (Morr Music/Kimi Records, 2008)

Emiliana Torrini
“Unemployed in summertime”, a song from “Love in the time of science” (1999)

“Summer makes good” Album (2004)

Lada Sport
“Summertime in outer space” Live on the Westman Islans

My summer as a salvation soldier aka Þórir Georg

“Sometimes (In the Summertime)”

“Summer all over” from “All over the face” (Skakkapopp, 2009)

– Wim Van Hooste