stacja-long-Kopia-2-Kopia-redStacja Islandia (eng. Iceland Station) is a project that was created by two people (Marcin & Agnieszka). Initiated spontaneously and naturally, it is the result of fascination with Iceland and all things associated with the country.

It all started with Icelandic music (which is often so unreal, with sounds that sound as if they came from another world) and finally our feelings embodied the whole country – its nature, climate, geography, culture, history, language, literature and cinema, as well as its people.

We are fascinated by Iceland, in love with her. Some unnatural magnetism that this magical island has keeps calling us back, and we cannot resist that. We feel hypnotised by it.

We have the impression that Iceland was assigned to us at our births; fate just threw us to another place on Earth. That is why we yearn for Iceland now.

Stacja Islandia is a place where we want to share our (and others’) experiences, emotions and feelings connected with this extraordinary island. We want to show the magical nature of the country, its wildlife and people. And above all, Icelandic music, literature and film will resound. We will also present the beauty of Iceland in the form of photographs and videos.

Stacja Islandia will allow you to see and feel the magic of Iceland.

Welcome to a land of pure and unlimited imagination …



Marcin, co-founder of the Muzyka Islandia and Stacja Islandia websites, invited me to write an article about Iceland and its music.

I wrote a quite personal piece, you can it read it here. It became sort of a story of my life.

Check out the rest of the site in English as well.

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Muzyka Islandzka is a site dedicated to Icelandic music, with a section in English. Bring it a visit: