Hard and rough times for the Iceland Airwaves festival go’ers. Kill some darlings time. You can’t hear all the ear candy at this year’s festival.

So we selected some ROK suggestions for the upcoming Airwaves festival.

Here’s our ‘On Venue Gig Schedule‘ to Catch a lot of the Icelandic artists, and not to end in a Catch 22 situation.

Wednesday 4. November

19:40 Wesen @ NASA: a new duo: Oyama’s Julia meet & greet with Sudden Weather Change’s Loji

20:50 VAR @ Tjarnarbíó: strolling on the crossroad between Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Sigur Rós and Ampop

21:40 Ensími @ Gamla Bíó: grab the best electro-guitar rock in town and move any mountain 

22:30 Stafrænn Hákon @ Tjarnarbíó: excellent postrock

23:20 Æla @ Gamla Bíó: kinky, crossdressing postpunks

00:10 Pink Street Boys @ Gamla Bíó: angry, nasty and naughty punkrock

Ghostigital 5Thursday 5. November

19:00 Elín Helena @ Gaukurinn: punkrock from outside RVK

19:50 Þórir Georg @ Iðnó: Iceland’s most productive music mastermind

20:50 Kontinuum @ NASA: postmetal

21:30 Fufanu @ Iðnó: new wave annex postpönk revisited

23:00 Ghostigital @ Harpa Norðurljós: noise – noisy – noisier -Ghostigital

00:00 HAM @ NASA: ‘Métallurgie islandaise’, also known as Rammstein’s placenta

Epic Rain Harpa 3Friday 6. November

20:00 Stereo Hypnosis @ Gamla Bíó: the best father-son combo

20:50 Epic Rain @ Tjarnarbíó: I’m happy when it rains

21:40 Kælan Mikla @ Gaukurinn: postpunk poetic trio

22:30 M-band @ Tjarnarbíó: beat-driven nu-electronica with tenor vocals

23:30 Grísalappalísa @ Harpa Silfurberg: Jakobinarina has come to ages

00:30 Sísý Ey @ Gamla Bíó: in the sisterhood

01:40 Brim @ Iðnó: surfin’ in the 101 on a Curver board

Sisy Ey Gamla Bio 2Saturday 7. November

20:00 Skurken @ Harpa Kaldalón: eclectic electronica

20:50 Dr Gunni @ Gamla Bíó: Herr Doktor prescribes 10 inches of indie rock a day 

21:40 kimono @ Gamla Bíó: difficult music for easy people

22:30 Ruxpin @ Húrra: manipulated melodic electronica

23:30 Júníus Meyvant @ Tjarnarbíó: the best thing from the Vestmannaeyar besides the puffins

1:10 GusGus @ Harpa Silfurberg: for 24/7 party people

Fufanu Gamba Bio 4Sunday 8. November

17:50 DJ Flugvél og Geimskip @ Vodafone Hall: the Kira Kira for the jilted generation

18:35 Vök @ Vodafone Hall: don’t fök with vök

19:00 Jóhann Eiríksson @ Vodafone Hall (Upstairs): electronics ‘sans frontières’

20:00 Agent Fresco @ Vodafone Hall: don’t destroy Destrier

22:30 Shades of Reykjavik @ Húrra: hop on the hip hop

23:30 Rythmatik @ Gaukurinn: West Fjord boyz from the hood

00:00 FM Belfast @ Vodafone Hall: dancing in your dirty underwear the night away, waiting for the Northern lights


– Wim Van Hooste

Iceland Airwaves ’14 Photographs by ROK photographer Sonja Verbeeck