RVK on stageReykjavík On Stage is a new quarterly printed English language magazine about Icelandic music. The magazine is exposing unique and highly creative artists from Iceland and we need your precious help with the final push to raise the funds for printing and launching our first issue.

Why Reykjavík On Stage?

In our adventure with sounds from Iceland we all experienced this frustrating moment that some important information was delivered to the world only in Icelandic. Not everyone speaks Icelandic, Google Translate still isn’t trustworthy and you weren’t in the eye of storm in Iceland to put a finger on the pulse. For years Iceland hasn’t published any journal that covers only Icelandic music and is offered in more accessible language than beautiful Icelandic.

We want to change it with our quarterly printed English magazine created out of love and passion that we have for Icelandic music.


We need YOU!

By pledging this campaign you make Reykjavík On Stage happen and help us cover the cost of printing and launching our first issue. We have spent the last five months polishing Reykjavík On Stage so we can proudly present you this quarterly magazine but we need your help with the final push! Without your pledge the future of Reykjavík On Stage as a printed magazine is uncertain since the costs of printing are high.

Reykjavík On Stage issue #1

If you will support Reykjavík On Stage, you will get 76 pages of A4 size full of high quality content printed initially in 500 copies or, if you prefer, a digital version of the magazine. In the issue no. 1 we feature many talented and highly creative individuals from the Icelandic music scene and industry:

# The many sonic faces of Ragnar Ólafsson – interview with the musician of Árstíðir and many other bands about his body of work
# Wanna get tickets? Set up a band! – the legacy of Retro Stefson
# On the Abbey Road with Biggi Hilmars – interview with the artist
# Funeral and rebirth – interview with Reykjavík based musician, film director and visual artist Heiðrik
# The jazzy queen of spades – interview with Sólrún Mjöll Kjartansdóttir, the first woman to be crowned the best drummer of the Icelandic Músíktilraunir contest
# Rock on with Stelpur Rokka! – learn more about girl rock camps in Iceland
# Bergur Thomas Anderson:My 10 most influential Icelandic albums of all time
# interviews with folks from the local music industry: Snorri Helgason of Húrra music venue in Reykjavík, Birgir Jón Birgisson of Sundlaugin Studio and Árni Grétar Jóhannesson (a.k.a. Futuregrapher) of Möller Records
# Heiða Eiríks: The weirdest trip I have ever been on – memories from her Heidatrubador tour 2017
# Stick around for Unun – the legacy of the band Unun

Who we are?

Justyna Wilczynska (a.k.a. Stína Satanía) – founder and editor-in-chief of Reykjavík On Stage, editor at Muzyka Islandzka since the very beginning in 2011

Bartek Wilk – founder of the Polish fansite of Sigur Rós sigur-ros.art.pl (since 2004) and the Polish website focused on Icelandic music Muzyka Islandzka.pl, where he is an editor-in-chief (since 2011)

Wim Van Hooste (a.k.a. Dr.ROK) – co-editor at ROK musik and founder of many blogs about Icelandic music, such as I LOVE ICELANDIC MUSIC or ICELANDIC MUSIC MAFFIA, with nearly 30 years of experience in Icelandic music

We are more than happy to work together on the initial issue and share our passion with you, but we need your help to make the final push!

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Support Icelandic music. It’s special.