It’s time to bring a brand new, but small record label in your eardrums. The label released some magical music this year. One release together with the other fantastic label, FALK. Co-founder Hallmar Gauti (AAIIEENN) provided us some details about the label.

Rimar Tracks:
Founded 2016 by two friends with the hope and dream of releasing music every once in a while…

When was the label Rimar Tracks founded?

It was founded officially on the day that AAIIEENN and Decanter released their first split EP cassette on March the 4th, 2016.

Who were the founders of the label?

The founders are Hallmar Gauti Halldórsson (AAIIEENN) and his best friend Hrafnkell (Keli) Líndal who goes by the moniker Decanter.

Why was the label founded?

The duo mainly wanted to be able to release music on their own terms and to do all of this by themselves. They have a lot of passion for making music and managing and selling that music seems like a logical thing to do in regards to music making.

FALK Rimar Tracks

They released a joint LP split on FALK wich has been a very learning experience for them.

Hallmar: “It’s nice to have someone to show us the ropes (Looking at you Bob Cluness!). But otherwise we lean more towards releasing on our own label.”

Where does the name come from? Mountain Rimar

Hallmar: “Nothing magical about the name, really, Hrafnkell sent me a list of some names of icelandic mountains and the mountain ‘Rimar’ wich is in eastern Iceland was chosen! And I like the idea of naming our label after a mountain mainly because I’m an avid mountain hiker, so it’s very fitting in my opinion. Here’s a photo of the mountain in all of its snowy glory!”

Do you follow the Do It Yourself ethics? Other principles?

Hallmar: “Our first release was entirely DIY from the ground up. We made a master cassette on my cassette deck and then re-recorded from that cassette to each and every cassette of that batch. Decanter designed the artwork (with my help) and we printed it ourselves and everything basically.

But our latest release was ordered from a cassette duplication service, we designed the artwork by ourselves of course.

So the DIY ethic is definitely something that we relate to.

Our main principle in regards to the label is releasing music that we like; doesn’t matter what genre or aesthethic it is, if we like it then we’re eager to release it!”

Which artists did you sign? Only Icelandic musicians?

Hallmar “For now we only have me (AAIIEENN), Keli (Decanter) and another great artist named Húni. As I said before, doesn’t matter where the music is from or what genre; if we like it then we’ll sign it or just do a one off release!”


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– Wim Van Hooste