From: Wim

To: Dr Gunni

Whats’s your favorite soda?

“I love soda drinks, especially root beer and cream soda. I have tasted many types over the years and I keep a list of it on the internet. The weirdest drink is probably Cel-Ray from the New York company Dr. Brown. This drink has been made since 1869 (and is there for older than Coke) and has been called the “Jude Champagne”. My friend Heida bought a can for me in a jude quarter in New York and when I had it in Iceland I bought a steak sandwich at Askur to drink it with. The drink wasn’t so strange at all, just a bit like Sprite. Last May I was in New York City at a famous place called Katz which is famous for their pastrami sandwiches. With it I drank Cel-Ray and now the drink made complete sense and was very good. So I guess it is a fine drink after all!”

I want more to ask Lay Low, what is the weirdest record in your record collection?