Gorillaz made “Clint Eastwood”.

Weezer honoured “Buddy Holly”.

Garland Jeffreys saluted the whole rock ‘n’ roll highschool in “Hail Hail Rock ’n’ Roll”.

For the lovers of a good name drop in a track, to honour idols, to dishonour enemies, here are some Icelandic name-dropping songs.

“Johannes Kjarval”, a tribute to the Nr. 1 painter of Iceland, on Björk‘s real début album “Björk Guðmundsdóttir” (Fálkinn, 1977).

Mínus made an album with the title “Halldór Laxness” (Victory Records, 2003), named after the Nobel Prize winning author, the Nr. 1 writer of Iceland.

Troubadour Insol’s song “Adolf Hitler” is featured on “Ísland skal aría griðarland”, an album released in 2009.

“Nick Cave” is a song from Jan Mayen’s “Home of the free indeed” (Smekkleysa, 2004). After mishearing the lyrics, a classical case of soramimi or mondegreen by a colleague musician, the band decided to change the lyrics of the original into “Nick Cave” (is a real m*therf*cker) . And so becoming a classical case of name-dropping!

“Patrick Swayze” is a track from Mugison’s album “Niceland” that was made in 2004.

Stafrænn Hákon is dropping some other actors: “Jeff Goldblum” on the “Kobbi” EP (2007) and “Val Kilmer” on “Sanitas” (2010).

Icelandic actressAníta Briem” (°1982) is mentioned on the albumDansað við lík með” (PBP, 2009) of the band Tentacles of Doom.

Dr Gunni is more into Americans chanteuses: remember his song Píkan á Britney Spears” on “Inniheldur” (2009).

The Way Down is taking an aeroplane with “John Denver” (R.I.P.).

More dead singer-songwriters: Egill’s “Lou Reed” (R.I.P.).

Kúra = mc2 ‘cause their EP “Multicolor” (Bujakasja Records, 2010) features the track “Einstein”

Mikado would rather go blind with “Stevie Wonder” (2010)


kimono made the song “Lee Harvey Oswald”.

Þeyr’s anti-Nazism song about “Rúdolf” (Hess)

Quarashi on Jinx’s “Stick ‘em up”: I bomb the mic like a fascist, Mussolini’

Fist Fokkers made an album entitled “Emilio Estevez”.

Bubbi wrote the songs Lennon”, featured on “Fingraför” (1983) and “Bólivar”:

Finally “Þú og þeir (Sókrates)”, the Eurovision 1988 entry by the band Beathoven (what’s in a name!?):

Thx to Vinyl Lane Jeff and Björn Gunnlaugsson

My name is nobody… Wim Van Hooste