Doctor, I am your doctor

A lot of international bands made songs about the medical and paramedical professions. Some found inspiration in selecting a name as artist or band. Others are playing doctor IRL all day.
What about the situation in Iceland? I performed a total body scan.
Go see the Doctor! On stage!

You can find the song “Nurse, please” on Reykjavik!’s 3rd record “Locust Sounds” (Kimi Records, 2011).

Doctor my eyes

Dr. Dre who needed a doctor himself, dental Dr. Alban, Dr. Hook, Dr. Feelgood, Dr. John,… The worldwide music business is filled with MDs, sometimes a real one, most of the times a pretender.
But in Iceland many MDs, especially cardiologists and dentists, are working hard in the operating theater as well as in the showbusiness.
SKY Magazine published a list of medical musicians in Icelandic history in 2011:

  • Sigvaldi Kaldalóns
  • Stefán Eggertsson (Tatarar)
  • Heimir Sindrason
  • Haukur Heiðar Hauksson (Dikta)
  • Haukur Heiðar Ingólfsson
  • Páll Torfi Önundarson (Diabolus in Musica)
  • Halldór Fannar (Ríó Tríó)
  • Ragnar Danielsen (Frummenn)
  • Helgi Júlíus Óskarsson (“Sun for a lifetime”)
  • Lýður Árnason (Grjóthrun)
  • Jóhannes Kári Kristinsson (Eurovision song)
  • Grétar Sigurbergsson
  • Þorsteinn Gunnarsson (Stjórninn)

The one and only The Sugarcubes made “Happy Nurse”. A track on their 3rd album “Stick around for joy” (Smekkleysa, One Little Indian/Play It Again Sam, 1992).

After watching this patient lady
I noticed that she was a poor nurse
She knows exactly what people need
Without them having to tell her
She’s a poor nurse
She knows what you hunger for
And feeds it to you

The Nurse was also my friend
She gave me friendship in abundance
Smothered me with hugs and kisses
I’ve got used to her injection
And they often send me stupid
It could become a habit
She gave me friendship in abundance
Smothered me with hugs and kisses

She invites me to a soft room
And hands me a piece of confidence
She injects me with a dose of warmth
It dawns upon me that humans are the only drug
She’s a poor nurse, she knows what you
Hunger for, and feeds it to you

But then I bought myself a
Small rubber dingy when she told me
He who was up a mountain
Because she wanted everyone
To give her, love and affection
Her breast was, great and soft
Incredibly great, great and soft
And could squirt, a long way!
A great distance…

She’s a poor nurse, this careless woman
Don’t hate her, she’s a poor nurse
She knows what you, hunger for
And feeds it to you, she’s a poor nurse
This careless woman, don’t hate her
She’s a poor nurse.

A real rockdoctor is Dr Haukur Heiðar Hauksson, the singer and keyboardplayer of the rock band Dikta.
“Thank you” (feat. on “Get it together” (2009)).

There are other MDs on stage in Iceland, for example:
Dr Ragnar Danielsen aka Raggi Dan, a member of Frummenn, the first edition of Stuðmenn

Iceland’s most consultated fake doctor is of course the omnipresent, multitalented Dr Gunni. The moniker of musician and writer Gunnar Lárus Hjálmarsson.
“Homo Sapiens”, a song from the album “Stori hvellur” (2003)

Dr Spock, although a fake one, he’s wearing one yellow glove to wave and/or to…
Here’s the doctor’s Eurovision entry “Hvar ertu nuna” (2008)

The band made a song about the “Doctor Patient relationship”, featured on “Falcon Christ” CD (Smekkleysa, 2008).
Óttarr Proppé aka The Professor, as the doctor on the ward.

If you have a bad hair day, go see the Hairdoctor!

The kinky punk band Æla likes to perform in nurse uniforms on stage so now and then.

aela live nurse

And last but not least, there is Siggi Pönk also known as Siggi The Punk Nurse, the frontman of the anarchistic band DYS.
In the ER:

siggi ponk nurse

Special thanks to Trausti Júlíusson.

– Wim Van Hooste