We tried hard to shoot a video with Prins Póló on our last year’s ‪#‎OE2iceland‬ tour. We met him twice but because of unexpected farming duties on Karlsstöðum this dream did not come true.
The more we are pleased that we spontaneously catched Svavar and Berglind during their short stay in Berlin in January. After their studio recording day of “Sandalar”, we only wanted to have a dinner together. They bumped up full of drive, their head full of a story about a strange normal guy, hating his sandals, loving soccer because of the beer, and BBQ-ing in a special way, ending up unjustified in hell. Regarding of the unrealised Prins Póló video during our #OE2iceland tour, we show up at the restaurant still with hope of a collaboration in future.
It turns out perfect: Before our plates were on the table, we agreed on a video production for the new song “Sandalar” already at the next day.
In the night we received the brand new track recorded by Flex, we were totaly impressed and immediately started the setup of our little studio. Next day Prins Póló, Berglind and we spent a splendid Sunday without a chance to buy some special props, only equiped with our absolute intention of realisation and improvisation added by cardboard, fabrics and a fog machine.
The result you can watch here!

Orange ‘Ear