Cat Power

The 2nd release on Theory of Whatever Records is a compilation album entitled “Iceland Whatever Vol. 1”. 14 Tracks selected by Bryan Riebeek, spanning multiple genres all brought to you for as cheap as he could get away with.  The liner notes will be available on the Theory of Whatever website, and will include a bio of the band and links where you can hear and purchase more of these bands music.

Much like the old independent compilations Bryan grew up with, the point of this album is to help these bands get a bit more exposure and hopefully increase your music library.  Album will be released on 20. October, and you can pre-order it here:

Pre-orders get a dollar off, making the physical CD $5.50 and the digital download $5.  If you would like to purchase the physical CD and are out of the United States, please contact Bryan Riebeek and he will arrange it.

There are new and classic tracks from the artists.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Knife fights -Panic Later
  2. Þórir Georg – Hunger
  3. Plúseinn – Empire
  4. Bambaló – Impress the boy
  5. Vigri – Breathing
  6. KVÖL – Dropar
  7. Kælan Mikla – Ekkert Nema
  8. kimono – Lee Harvey Oswald
  9. Var – Varma
  10. Brött Brekka – Genie 454
  11. AMFJ – Esje
  12. flugvél og geimskip – Draugur Í Kastalanum
  13. Antimony – Purity Control
  14. Ghostigital/kimono mash-up Codomatopoeia

Video for song nr. 13 by Orange ‘Ear:

As a side note, the cat on the album cover is Roxy/Doom.  She was the only cat Bryan have ever gotten along with. ornery as hell, but she was a sweetheart.  She passed away earlier this year, and so he felt compelled to put her photo on the album cover.  R.I.P lil buddy.