Mosi frændi is releasing an album this fall and needs your help to make it as fabulous as possible. Recording is finished and mixing is underway, but the band is now raising funds for the production of CDs and LPs.

Mosi frændi

Mosi frændi was founded in the eighties and in those years released the long-play cassette “Suzy Cream Cheese for president” and a single with the songs “Ástin sigrar” and “Katla kalda”, which reached great popularity in the summer of 1988. Soon after that the band entered a hiatus.

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Mosi frændi came back together in 2009 and a year later they released the live CD “Grámosinn gólar”, which was recorded on Grand Rokk. Since then, Mosi frændi has appeared at various concerts and released a single in 2013 with the song “Nakin nótt”.

Deciding to make an album

In early 2016 it was decided to make an album and preparations began immediately with intensive rehearsals and soon a decent list of songs was ready. The major genius Curver Thoroddsen was employed as producer and in May there was a fundraising concert in Stúdentakjallarinn, at which were recorded backup vocals by the audience to use on the album.
The day after the concert, equipment was set up in an abandoned theater in Örfirisey and the band managed to record basic tracks of all the songs on the album before dinner. Two members of Mosi frændi reside abroad so the group immediately set to work on completing their contributions. Recordings have since continued intermittently until they were completed in June 2017.

What kind of thing will this record be?

Various guests contribute to the album: Hjalti Stefán Kristjánsson plays the flute and sings background vocals, Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson plays the fastest guitar solo in recorded history, Hemúllinn suddenly appears in one song and a very young accordionist, Guðlaug Helga Björnsdóttir, plays some tricks. The songs on the album cover the entire career of Mosi frændi: some are since 1988, some composed especially for the album, while others are from 2009-2015.
The songs are characterized by variety. The album starts with sophisticated intellectual pop and ends with a scatological punk raspberry, after having gone through light punk pop, a C&W waltz, a surreal epic, innovative arrangements of Icelandic new wave classics and more and more.

Mosi frændi are:

Aðalbjörn Thorolfsson on bass
Ármann Halldórsson on drums and percussion
Björn Gunnlaugsson on guitar and harmonica
Gunnar Ólafur Hansson on keyboard and trombone
Magnús J Guðmundsson, guitarist
Sigurður H Pálsson on vocals and clarinet
Sigurður sings lead vocals in most songs, but Gunnar sings with him on one track, Magnús is the main vocalist in one and Ármann in two.

The songs on the album:

1. Ekkert hef ég lært (music and lyrics by Magnús) – 2013
2. Aulinn Atli (music by Mosi frændi, lyrics by Ármann) – 2015
3. Ó Reykjavík (music by Vonbrigði, text by Didda) – arrangement from 2012
4. Óbreytt ástand (music and lyrics by Magnús) – 2016
5. Útrásarvíkingurinn snýr aftur (music and lyrics by Magnús) -2009
6. Skítt með það (music by Björn, lyrics by Björn and Jón Benjamín Einarsson) – 2015
7. Hvers vegna eru stúlkur aldrei einar, Einar? (music by Aðalbjörn, lyrics by Magnús) – 1988
8. Prinsessan á Mars (music and lyrics by Magnús) -1988
9. Sláturtíð (music by Björn, lyrics by Brynhildur Björnsdóttir) – 1988
10. Creeps (music by Q4U, lyrics by Ellý Halldórs) – arrangement from 2012
11. Hanski, kannski? (music by Mosi frændi, lyrics by Ármann) – 2016