Ingvar Geirsson started Lucky Records back in 2005. He got a booth at Reykjavík’s flea market near the harbour, Kolaportið, for 4 years. The name was derived from Ingvar’s DJ name, namely DJ Lucky. Unlucky there is another Lucky Records store in Paris, with a focus on gay scene music, whatever this may be. The shop was founded because Ingvar did not find any decent Icelandic record store. From 1983 to late 2000, he lived in the Swedish city Göteborg/Gothenburg, with a lot of great variety of music stores over there. In 2009 he moved the shop from the 10 sqm in Kolaportið to a 75 sqm real shop at Hverfisgata. After 4 years it was time to move to an even bigger spot, 300 sqm on Rauðarársstígur 10. Over the years 40,000 items became part of his world class vinyl collection, covering a wide variety of musical genres, from jazz to soul, funk and afrobeat, from rock and pop to punk, from electronic to classical music. Ingvar’s shop has an impressive Icelandic section, ideal for discovering some of the finest music made by the locals. Very interesting is the rarities department, exclusive records, f.ex. signed, numbered, or live recordings

The relocation at Rauðarársstígur, next to Hlemmur bus station, gave Ingvar the possibility to display his huge selection of music, but also to organize concerts, DJ sets, exhibitions and release parties indoors.

Lucky Records sells used and new vinyls, CDs, tapes, DVDs, Games, music t-shirts, posters, and even turntables, speakers and amps.

Last but not least, according to the Reykjavík Grapevine magazine, Lucky Records was the best record store in the capital in 2012 and 2013.

Lucky is on Ebay where rare Icelandic records are sold.

And another one on Discogs  

All Year Round
Mon-Fri: 9-22
Sat-Sun: 11-22
Rauðarárstígur 10 (50 m from Hlemmur Bus Station), 105 Reykjavík
(+354) 551-1195