Lobsterr or fame back book

I really don’t like lobsters…

The book in English & Icelandic was edited as a supplement to the exhibition ‘Lobster or Fame’ at the Spitz Gallery (London, June 2003) and at Listasafn (RVK, June-August 2003).

Content Lobster and fame book Smekkleysa Bad Taste

It contains interesting background information, some memories (Óttarr Proppé, Sjón, Siggi Baldursson, Bragi Ólafsson a.o.) and revealing photographs of The Sugarcubes & all of their Icelandic friends they made almost 20 years after signing the ‘Bad Taste Manifesto’: World Domination or Death! will it be and Life’s too good! after all.

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You can read the book here on Einar Örn Benediktsson site “Siberia”:


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