“Life’s too good” (1988) by The Sugarcubes

“Life’s too good is one of the ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die’, according to Robert Dimery (Quintessence Eds. Ltd., 2006).

The album was released on 25. April 1988 on the One Little Indian label of Derek Birkett. DB, a member of the anarchopunk band Flux of Pink Indians, was a good friend of singer Einar Örn Benediktsson (EÖB).

The album was recorded at Stúdíó Grettisgat (Grettisgata street nr 29; a studio in Reykjavík owned by the middle of the road popband Stuðmenn), Berry St. Studios and Orinocco Studios in London.

In Grettisgata they recorded 14 songs, 2 of them were released in 1986 on the single “Einn Mol’á Mann”: “Ammæli” and “Köttur”. “Ammæli” was released as “Birthday” in England in the autumn of 1987. “Birthday” was chosen as “single of the week” by both NME and Melody Maker in August 1987. Furthermore, it became Number 1 in DJ John Peel’s Festive for 1987. The Sugarcubes were featured on the frontpage of NME and MM at the same time in 1987. World domination or death…

The album sold about 15,000 copies in Iceland and 1,500.000 abroad.

The title of the album was taken from a phrase the poet Jóhannes Óskarsson, who visited the mother of Björk in the Southern town Selfoss. He was offered coffee and cognac. There he said the legendary words: “Life’s too good”.


Side 1
1. Traitor
2. Motorcrash

3. Birthday

4. Delicious Demon
5. Mama

Side 2
1. Coldsweat

2. Blue Eyed Pop
3. Deus

4. Sick for Toys
5. F***cking in Rhythm & Sorrow

Hidden track: Take Some Petrol Darling

American Release had 6 extra songs:


I want …

Dragon (Icelandic)

Cat (Icelandic)

Coldsweat (Remix)

Deus (Remix)

All lyrics and music written by The Sugarcubes.


Vocals: Björk Guðmundsdóttir and Einar Örn Benediktsson
Trumpet: Einar Örn Benediktsson.
Guitars: Þór Eldon Jónsson.
Keyboards: Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Bass: Bragi Ólafsson
Drums: Sigtryggur Baldursson
Lyrics and music: The Sugarcubes

Acknowledgement: Friðrik Erlingson


Engineering: Kjartan Kjartansson, Gerard Johnson, Gail Lambourne, Mel Jefferson, Brian Pugsley and Ken Thomas
Production: Ray Shulman and Derek Birkett
Sleeve: P. White at Me Company
Photograph: David McIntyre with collaboration of Pinks
Publishing: Second Wind

Besides the regular green sleeve, the UK and American LPs were released in the colours blue, yellow, orange, and pink.