heida with glassesHeidatrubador is Heiða Eiríksdóttir. She’s a chanteuse, singer-songwriter and guitarist making all sorts of music experiments, but also all sorts of other music. Expect the unexpected: folk, lo-fi, alternative, pop, rock, and indie. She’s best known as Heiða í Unun’, but now she’s the frontlady of electro-rockband Hellvar, and forms a duo with Bertel Ólafsson called ‘Ruddinn’. In the past she was a member of Útúrdúr and honoured guest member of Texas Jesús.

On the fanpage of the band Hellvar you can read the full story:


This year Heiða went to Berlin to write and record some music. Yesterday she released the first single “Life and Dream”, a track from the upcoming album “Fast”. Mixed and mastered by wizard Curver Thoroddsen (of Ghostigital fame).

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Heiða Eiríks is doing a short tour next week with 2 male troubadours: David John Hull (UK) and Aidan Bartley (Ireland).

Iceland Tour Autumn 2015 Schedule

Wednesday, 21. October @ 5:00pm

Lucky Records
Rauðarárstígur 10, 105 Reykjavík

Wednesday, 21. October @ 9:00pm
Café Rosenberg
Klapparstígur 25-27, 101 Reykjavík

Thursday, 22. October @ 8:00pm
Bryggjan Kaffihus, Grindavík
Miðgarður, 240 Grindavík

Sunday, 25. October @ 4:00pm
Óðinshús, Eyrarbakki
Eyrargata, 820 Eyrarbakki

Heiða Eiríks (Iceland): http://heidatrubador.bandcamp.com and http://heidatrubador.blogspot.com
David John Hull (UK): http://www.davidjohnhull.com/
Aidan Bartley (Ireland): http://aidanbartley.com/

– Wim Van Hooste