The album “Lengi Lifi” (Long live) is live concert recording of the HAM concert on 4. June 1994 at the Tunglið (The Moon) venue, downtown 101 Reykjavík .

It was released August 1994 on the famous Smekkleysa Label.

1,000 copies were sold.

Members on the album were:

Sigurjón Kjartansson (vocals and guitar), Óttarr Proppé (vocals), Arnar Geir Ómarsson (drums), S. Björn Blöndal (bass), Jóhann Jóhannsson (guitar and keyboard) and Flosi Þorgeirsson (guitar)

The album’s cover was inspired by Kraftwerk. The chosen colours were black and red, just like the cover of their controversial, first release, the 5-track EP “Hold”.

One upon a time Björk called HAM her favourite band. What’s more, sometimes Björk acted as a guest member, as “Ísa Fílabein”, and joined them on keyboards or even on vocals:


  1. Intro (from the Symphonia nr 3 in C-moll, Op. 78 by Camille Saint-Saëns)
  2. Austur
  3. Youth (co-writer Jón Gnarr)
  4. Dimitri
  5. 2000
  6. Musculus
  7. Auður Sif
  8. Marenering
  9. Örlög (co-writer Björk)
  10. Animalia
  11. Manifesto
  12. Demetra
  13. Voulez-vous (B. Anderson, B. Ulvaeus; ABBA-cover)
  14. Partýbær
  15. Sanity
  16. Hold
  17. Airport
  18. Svín

Total length: 1:06:39