Kolrassa Krókríðandi / Bellatrix’ 

Re-issue & Return

The band Kolrassa Krókríðandi / Bellatrix celebrates its 25th anniversary and for that occasion she plans to reissue her first album, “Drápa” on Vínyl and Cd, but the LP has been unavailable for decades! Also, the band will play the album once with original members at a concert on 25. November 2017.

The band Kolrassa Krókríðandi, four 17-year-old girls from Keflavik, broke down in 1992 when she conquered the musical tunes with a glorious power. Kolrassa became, one of the most famous and most prominent bands in Iceland, one of the most popular and most famous bands in Iceland.

With the release of the début album, “Drápa”, Kolrassa shoved himself into the country’s musical floral as a unique and original band. Songs like‘Voggguvísa’, and ‘Kona’ awakened the great and positive attention of both fans and critics.

This year, Kolrassa celebrates Krókríðandi’s 25th anniversary and plans to reissue the first album, “Drápa” (Killing), that has been unavailable from the moment it came out. It would therefore be invaluable to bring this dear to your dear friends on a vinyl record and a CD on the band’s 25th birthday.

During the 25 yerars we got a lot of fun along while playing around the world and releasing three albums. By the end of the 1980s Kolrassa picked up the name ‘Bellatrix’ when they offered a publishing agreement abroad. Under the name Bellatrix, the band released two albums, played around the world and received a lot of praise.

The band left to sleep in 2001 but has made just few welcome exemptions with unique events, such as Eistnaflug festival and a concert in Harpa on the occasion of the 100th anniversary celebration of women’s rights to vote, better than ever before!
Kolrassa, composed of original members, aims to get together and hold a three-piece concert and transfer the entire album once on Húrra on November the 25th, 2017. The intention is that “Drápa” will be ready for reissue at the same time, then 25 years after it first came out. The aim is to replay the album and even add previously unpublished content from the same time.

It would be quite fun and great to celebrate Kolrassa’s birthday with a rock concert and re-release of Drápa, chosen as one of the albums of the year 1992, published by four 17-year-old girls.

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