A Lynch Party

When still young, K. Fenrir got introduced to David Lynch’s films as he watched ‘Lost Highway’ before his teenage years due to interest in the soundtrack. Though that film didn’t leave much behind at the time, it was still enough for him to gain interest in Lynch’s work. The next film K. Fenrir saw was ‘Mulholland Drive’ and from there the interest only grew.

Twin Peaks has gained a lot of following and it is perhaps, in K. Fenrir’s opinion, Lynch’s most interesting work when it comes to filmography as it has played a big role as inspiration for K. Fenrir’s music. His latest offering, ’25 Years Later’, is the 2nd tribute he pays to the cult TV show, and this time with a solo release, unlike ‘Without Chemicals, He Speaks…’, which was a split between K. Fenrir, Glimlicht and Angellis Taliuu.

As before, the main focus point is ‘The Black Lodge’, only now we sink further into the obscurity. 25 Years Later includes 6 noisy dark ambient soundscapes, each one focusing on a certain item, being or a place related to The Black Lodge.

’25 Years Later’, the latest of K. Fenrir’s digital self-releases, focuses on the uncomfortable, heavy and obscure like his previous ones, and can be found on his BandCamp page:


Released on 3. July 2016

More information can be found here:




Source: Press Release for ’25 Years Later’