Frank Murder has a dream: to release his upcoming album on vinyl. So he started the Karolina Fund Project 1324.

Frank Murder has finished an album done completely on a modular synthesizer. It will be released digitally by Möller Records. Due to the analog nature of the music they want you to release it as a vinyl.
Þorgeir has been making electronic music for about 20 years. He has been reinventing himself recently with the help of a modular synthesizer he has put together with live musical performance in mind. By means of old school analog sequencing and analog logic Þorgeir builds algorithms and rhythmical progressions into the machine and then performs by changing the patterns and logic. This goes hand in hand with Þorgeirs love of harmonic music theory and beat creation.

So Möller Records owner, Árni a.k.a. Futuregrapher, has compiled 5 tracks of Þorgeirs recent works ranging from 10 to 17 minutes for a total of 69 minutes.

All the tracks are written by Þorgeir and recorded live.

More information about this project: