What’s Dr ROK’s life without some blood?

Band names

Bloodgroup‘s best song in my humble opinion: “My Arms”, from the album “Dry Land” (Record Records, 2009)

Blóð (Blood) made a song about the bloody bank scandals in the naughties: “Icesafe” (Live, 2009)


“THE BLOOD”, 2nd album by Reykjavik! (Kimi Records, 2009)

“Loose your head” is a song on the 3rd album by Singapore Sling, “Taste the blood of Singapore Sling” (12 Tónar/Shepstone Records, 2005)


“Með Blóðnasir, a song by Sigur Rós about nosebleed on the album “Takk…” (2005)

Do you know Murderers, Morðingjarnir, who don’t like “Blóð” (Kimi Records, 2011)?

“Blóðberg” by Mammút from their 3rd album “Komdu til mín svarta systir” (Record Records, 2013)

“Blóð & Sígarettur” (2012) by Úlfur Úlfur ft. Emmsjé Gauti

Daisy Hill Puppy Farm‘s song “Youngblood” is featured on the Smekkleysa compilation album “World Domination or Death Vol. 1″ (Bad Taste/Rough Trade, 1990)

Swords of Chaos

“Throne of blood” is the 2nd song on the album The End Is As Near As Your Teeth” (Kimi Records, 2010)

More bloody songs:

Atingere: “Transparent blood”

BOB: “Under the influence of My Bloody Valentine”

The Heavy Experience: “Bad temper, bloody sun”

Þeyr: “Zen blood”


But now it’s time for a Bloody Mary

– Wim Van Hooste