18136368_10154696696439926_309518733_nThe origin of a special species

The origin of the ‘Isa_Bel’ collaboration between Dr ROK Wim Van Hooste and Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson (Súrefni, Korter í þrjú, Rambelta) goes back to Easter 2010. The day after the famous yearly Aldrei fór ég suður Festival at Ísafjörður, the capital of the West Fjords, the two met and kept contact over the years. One day, some years ago, Ólafur had the idea to work musically together with his Belgian friend Wim, Medical Doctor during daytime, Dr ROK during his hours off. Wim was asked to provide some WAV-files: recordings made while he was talking with his doctor’s voice about the human heart and circulatory system and the human skeleton. The duo called itself ‘Isa_Bel’, the place where Ísafjörður and Belgium meet. Wim came up with the title of the vinyl single project: “Str/ax”. It is a word with a meaning in Dutch (Straks  = ‘later on’) and Icelandic (Strax = ‘immediately’), although not the same meaning! The R/ was included to have a reference to the MD’s prescription method and the topic of the project (blood, heart and skeleton). Wim painted the front and cover in acryl paint on canvas. During this creative process, Ólafur moved to the capital of the West Fjords, moving his music studio as well, and started to complete his home studio equipment. Once finished, he started to record. Wim had the idea to call the tracks, A+ and A- (like the blood groups) and the track titles respectively: “Anarchy Anemia” and “Rhesus Disaster”. Ólafur distillated his housebrown coctail of electro, experimental and soundscape.

On 24. May 2018, 24.V.18, the vinyl single will be released on black and transparent vinyl. Only 45 hand-numbered copies will be pressed in Iceland. The free download of the 2 tracks on the bandcamp site starts on the 24th of May.


All Artwork by Wim Van Hooste

Vocals by Wim Van Hooste

Music by Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson

Mixing by Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson

Mastering by Árni Teitur Ásgrimsson

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