Inspired by Iceland – Moon Loves Honey’s Video for “Nothing will change”

Many videos have been shot in Iceland. I made a ROK collection some years ago:

Danish dreamrockband Moon Loves Honey shot a video for the song “Nothing Will Change” from their debut EP “Apart” in Iceland. The EP was released 26. February 2016 on Tapetown Records.

The video features a.o. the beautiful waterfall Skógafoss.

Jeppe Dengsø about the video:

“I think that the video and the beautiful scenery of the nature and the song’s textures and journey really melt together nicely.”

ROK is proud to have the premiere of the video today:

Drowned in Sound about Moon Loves Honey: “… a band with immense promise for the future.”

Primal Music about the EP “Apart”: “… a stunning six-track debut from Danish dreamgazers.”

– Wim Van Hooste