The best track – IMHO – was Bang Gang’s “Bloodshot Eyes” feat. Bjarni Þór (Cliff Clavin fame). An extra song you were getting for free when your supported the Pledge project of Bardi to release “The Wolves Are Whispering”. Listen for yourself here:

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Best video was made by Orange ‘Ear crew Jo & Frank for Antimony’s “Purity Control”. Antimony is working on a full album right now.

Orange ‘Ear Concerts shot another O2Iceland video for the band Kælan Mikla: “Kalt”

One of the best albums of 2015, so far is “Herðubreið by Ensími. Here’s the title track and opening song.

Casio Fatso’s “Satellite” from the album “Controlling the world from my bed”

“Your head is my ground” from Æla‘s 2n album “Vettlingatök”

Vök released an EP “Circles”, featuring the song “Waterfall”

Fufanu released an EP “Adjust to the light”, featuring the song “The Hours”

East of my Youth is doing a Karolina Fund project to release their debut album. New song is “Only lover”

Stafrænn Hákon’s single “Bræla” is from the forthcoming album “Drula”, due to be releasing in a few months