The project aims for cultural exchange between two countries: Iceland and Poland.

The plan is to bring annually Icelandic bands to 4 biggest cities in Poland, to play together on stages of the best clubs in each city. In every city, one Polish band will join the concert and later in the year we will bring them all to play one big concert in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, as “Poland To Iceland”.

This project will tighten up bonds between the two countries and will promote their culture.

Polish emigrants are the largest minority group in Iceland. Time to get to know each other more profoundly :-)

This is a project by organizer, musician, promoter, former radio host, band manager and a music freak Wiktoria Joanna Ginter, a Mother living for 9 years in Iceland.

She thinks that it is very important for people from different countries to get to know each other: not only by their name and surname and what job position they hold and where, but most importantly by knowing their roots, mentalities, cultures and surroundings. And the best way to make that happen is to exchange experiences caused by the same music. This will help to tighten bonds between two cultures: understand each other better and learn from one another. Be more welcoming and open-minded. To broaden each other´s horizons. Language is often a barrier, but Music shows that it does´t have to be. It can be a tool. Music is the language of the Universe.

Bands which are going on an adventure:



Churchhouse Creepers: