Music is in the air

My suggestions for those attending the capital’s most notorious music festival since 1999.

I had to kill some darlings, but here’s my eclectic mix of 20 acts and some songs.

Of course there is more to detect on-venue, and most definitely off-venue.

Take care downtown 101 RVK, and don’t forget an apple a day keeps the Doctor away!

Biggi Hilmars (Ampop and Blindfold fame)

Dadi Freyr ( Semi-final Eurovision fame)

Dísa (the daughter of 2 very famous Icelandic musicians, it’s in her DNA for sure)

Dr. Gunni (indie god(father) of the alternative music scene)

Emiliana Torrini & Colorist (Belgian-Italian-Icelandic collaboration, a rather quite unique mix of pizza, plokkfiskur and chocolate)FM Belfast (Iceland’s nr. 1 party band)

FM Belfast (Iceland’s nr 1 party band, don’t forget you Underwear)

Fræbbblarnir (the Icelandic godfathers of punk)

Fufanu (a One Little Indie band)

Gangly (a super(b)group, nothing more nothing less)

Glerakur (a hell of a band with guitars à gogo)

HAM (Iceland’s own Rammstein avant la lettre)

Kontinuum (the best in alternative postmetal)

Kælan Mikla (dark wave postpunk poets trio)

Ljósvaki (the return of the ray of light)

Maus (the return of the legendary very popular indie band)

 Oyama (BIG in Japan Shoegaze)

Pink Street Boys (Puking Pure Punks)


Warmland (a crossover between Ensími and Leaves)

We Made God (Deus does exist)

The whole line-up can be consulted here:


– Wim Van Hooste