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ROK had a chat with the Carlo Ævi Del Sal in the never lasting seria I love Icelandic music because… 

Hello Carlo! Please introduce yourself…

I’m 38 years old and live in Belgium and currently I am working at Scania. So the Icelandic roads can be snow free in winter, shipments from the ferry get to Reykjavík, and of course new records can reach Wim Van Hooste ;-)

Why do you like Björk (and other Icelandic music as well) so much?

Music reflects personal feelings and emotions and if you listen to Björk you can hear comforting words and raw emotions that connect you instantly with Iceland. She describes her connection with humans (Human behaviour) and nature (Náttúra) from an Icelandic perspective, but also her worldly struggles as she leaves her birthplace and explores the world. I like her because of her humble attitude yet explosive expression, diversity and openminded view.

Speaking of Diversity: the Icelandic group AmabAdamA making Icelandic reggae. Picture a group of penguins wearing sombreros and you know what I mean, Icelandic people don’t care about mainstream, they do what they like. Penguins are mainstream, penguins wearing sombreros are not.

Did you visit Iceland and what was the occasion if so?

I visited Iceland several times, City trips to RVK and the south and also the N1 around.
I always took friends with me to make them discover the country.

Also the Eyjafjallajökull erupted when I was around. I take no blame I didn’t crack the glacier while hiking on it.

What was your first contact with Björk? When?

I saw Björk the first time on MTV, I was 15 years old at that time. I remember my exact words after watching her: “I’m a fan”. I started collecting ‘everything’.

What was the best live-gig by Björk you have seen?
The Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium in 2012. With special thanks to a girlfriend of mine, Jessie B. for attending it with me.

What are your favorite albums, songs, videos by Björk? And by non-Björkish Icelandic musicians?

I’d like to mention D’n’B pioneer Goldie because he did work with Björk and made a remix of “Isobel”.

Björk Goldie

Also, he used samples of her voice in his own records.
“All is full of love” in the Chris Su Remix version,


“Who is it?” are amongst my favourite clips, and of course “Human Behaviour”.

Björk’s “Visur vatnsenda rósu” is a nice piece (Songs From the Cold Seas by Hector Zazou)

Other artists I like are Sigur Rós, especially the song “Popplagið”. It’s really good orchestrated and gets louder and faster till the end.

Also the tracks by Steindór Andersen in “Á Ferð Til Breiðafjarðar” and (from Screaming Masterpiece movie, 2005) “Móðurjörð – Mansöngur úr Núma rímum” (from the “Stafnbúi” album, 2011) outstanding.

Check out Árstíðir’s “Heyr himna smiður”(version of an Icelandic hymn off-venue on tour)

On a lighter note:
I mentioned the group “AmabAdamA” earlier and around this time of year the song “Yo La La” should give you the right atmosphere.

Do you have a favourite hang-out/spot(s) in Reykjavik?

I’m not sticking in one place, I’d like to visit it all. It’s a vibrant city. Just open the door of curiosity and be amazed of what the city has to offer.

Having favourite spot(s) outside Reykjavik perhaps?

My favorite spots are those where you can sit in peace and enjoy the silence. Go out early if you want to visit landmarks, before the tourist busses arrive and flood you J

Any favorite Icelandic food or drinks?
I’m a big fan of fish products, plokkfiskur, lamb soup, skyr, and many more…

Do you have future Icelandic plans?

Go back to Iceland and enjoy a drink in the hot tub whilst enjoying the scenery.

And finally, you can listen to my D’n’B remix here > Björk remixed: “Digital & Ævi”

Have a nice holiday and enjoy next year. Put on your favorite music and forget your troubles!
Dankjewel Carlo!

– Wim Van Hooste