Markus Moises 3Introduce yourself Markus!

Hi! I’m Markus Moises and I’m a music addict. When I’m not hanging out at my day job back home in Bavaria (doing reputable computer stuff), you’ll find me all over various European music festivals with a camera in my hand, having the time of my life.

When was your first visit to Iceland? What was the occasion? For Iceland Airwaves? Sightseeing? Maybe professionally?

My first visit to Iceland was for a romantic weekend getaway in 2008. I somehow ended up at my first Airwaves the year after.
By now I can’t walk down Laugavegur without bumping into someone I know, even outside of the Airwaves period.
Fun fact: I was once considered as a photo model for a Brennivín ad campaign, but unfortunately they had to reschedule.

Proof here:

Markus Moises

Why are you so attracted to Iceland and its music? What makes Icelandic music so special for you?

I started listening to a lot of new genres after expanding my horizon coming from just electronic music. After a while a pattern randomly emerged, with a lot of the bands being Icelandic. So I just went from there.

I don’t really know what it is exactly that makes Iceland put out proportionally more awesome music than any place else, but it’s a good thing!

You’re an Airwaves addict, what makes this festival so special (for you/others)?

Over the past few years I have made a lot of new friends at and around Airwaves and I’ve also seen the festival grow quite a bit. Despite that it still feels very intimate, almost like an annual family reunion with a lot of people attending every year.

Best live gig you’ve seen by an Icelandic musician/band?

First row at Agent Fresco at Gaukurinn, screaming my lungs out!
Ben Frost basically melting my brain in London last year is a close second.

Name some of your favourite bands, albums, songs? And tell for each one why you love them so much…
“Loksins erum við engin” (Finally we are no one) by múm
– for starting my hunt for Icelandic music

“Heima” by Sigur Rós
– for making me want to go to Iceland

Pretty much everything by FM Belfast
– because there’s always a party somewhere

What is your favourite hang-out spot in Reykjavik?
Hard to say.
During the day wherever there’s great coffee!
At night I prefer not to make any plans and just look for live music. Now that I think of it, I seem to be ending up at Paloma a lot :-)
What is your favourite spot in Iceland outside Reykjavik?
I dare you to go swimming in the sea at Nauthólsvík!

Some insider tips for Airwaves visitors?
Don’t make too many plans. Sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow of the night, enjoy yourselves and discover some new bands in the process.
But that goes for every festival, really.

See you at Airwaves!

Some photographs by Markus made at Airwaves the last couple of years:

EÖB Curver Elli Ghostigital

Eyglo Markus Sodoma

Heida guitar 2

Worm is green pregnant singer

Pascal Pinon Risid twin sisters

Arni FM Belfast