Grab it quick! Heiða’s vinyl LP “Fast”!

Heidatrubador first saw the light in Marseille in 1989, when Heiða Eiríks was an exchange student. She brought along her folk-guitar and performed alone, but when she got back home she put Heidatrubador on ice, because she needed to work in many rock-groups. Heiða joined Unun in 1994 and they were together until 1999. Heiða & Heidingjarnir played together from 2000-2004, Heiða played with the punky Dys from 2003-2004 and finally Hellvar was formed in 2004, and is still going strong. Last year Heiða decided to give Heidatrubador a break and she went to Berlin, set up her studio and recorded two albums. The first one was released earlier this year and is an experimental avant-garde album, released on the Icelandic FALK label.

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This one,entitled “Fast”, is an experimental lo-fi-folk-album. She contacted her longtime friend Curver Thoroddsen when she was back in Iceland. Heiða and Curver have worked hard on the mixing and mastering for one year, and are finally happy with the outcome.

So now we have to make albums and that costs money and that is where you come in. You can help by purchasing an album or three or 5 or 10, and by doing so making sure that this vinyl will be released.

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Watch the latest video made by Heiða herself for a song “Veerle”, featured on the forthcoming album: