The most notorious hooker in music business is without any doubt John Lee Hooker (1917-2001). Other hookers on the streets were Jake Hooker and The Outsiders and the girl power band Jane Lee Hooker.

But are there any musical street strumpets downtown 101? In a country with a history of banning paying for sex or trying to ban strip clubs, lapdance and champagne bars?

HAM put the song “Dauð Hóra” (Dead Hooker) on their latest album, “Svik, Harmur, Dauði” (Betrayal, Grief and Death), released on the  Smekkleysa aka Bad Taste label in 2011.

Hölt Hóra (Limping Hooker) was one of my favourite bands at the Iceland Airwaves festival back in 2005.


Singer Atli Fannar Bjarkason remembers this:
“The name came up when I was gonna tell my band mates the name I came up with the night before. I forgot that name and mumbled Hölt hóra með kúk á brjóstunum, wich means Limping Whore with shit on the tits. They laughed hysterically (we were aged 18 at the time) so we used that dirty, dirty name. Later, when we had written a few songs ,we shortened the name and the rest is history.”

This band of youngsters was definitely hooked on hookers:
“Vændiskonan” (another word for hooker/prostitute/call-girl), a song from the EP “Love me like you elskar mig” (2005).

The band Hooker Swing
Performing the song “Let it R.I.P.” live at the Gaukurinn venue:

The band Tentacles of Doom wrote the song “Strætó er hóra”  (Reykjavik’s Public Transport Company is a hooker), a track on the “Dansað við lík” (Dancing with corpses) album (2009)
Download the whole punk album for free here: