Halli Valli is the singer-guitarist of the post-punk band Æla (Puke), famous for its explosive performances. Frontman Halli Valli is a master in jumping on/off stage as an absurd acrobate, often dressed as a nurse or as Snow White. Debut album “Synið tillitssemi, eg er fravik” (“Show some consideration, I am an anomaly”) was released in 2006.

It was a more challenging task for me, than I expected, when asked to choose one weird/unexpected/guilty pleasure record in my collection. I found out my record collection is very descriptive and really doesn’t have a lot of surprises. I had to search hard, only to find myself torn between an album from 1993 and an album from 2012. The album from 1993 I did not buy myself. I took it from my sister’s collection as a teenager, one or two years after it’s release. Ever since I have had a strong connection with this album, and actually this band. I have defended this band when people talk it down. Some might say I’ve stayed true. The song on this album is Numb, with it’s very memorable video with Edge getting a face-rub with feet. The album is Zooropa by U2.

My 2012 weird/unexpected/guilty pleasure record is Iceland’s very own Friðrik Dór – Vélrænn. His first album “Allt sem þú átt” is really my guilty pleasure, including the song “Hún er alveg með´etta”, but I´ve never owned that one. This new one I think will not be so guilty as I am trying to stay true to myself and good music is just good music.