Picking flowers in the Garden

Let’s have a start with one of the first international hits made by a band from Iceland: “Garden Party”, Mezzoforte, in 1983.

Something totally different is the track “Summer Garden” by Singapore Sling on “The Curse of Singapore Sling” (2002)

On the Smekkleyse compilation album “Smekkleysa Í Hálfa Öld (50 years Republic Iceland: 1944-94) Sigur Rós was featured as Victory Rose

Another Rose in the music scene: Myrra Rós

Musician Sóley (ex Seabear) “We Sink”

“Sóley” (Sunflowers) by Björgvin Halldórsson & Katla Maria – Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 1989

Sumarrós” by singer-songwriter Snorri Helgason

Of course we have to mention the famous band called “Flowers

There is also a song called  “Flowers”, written by Sin Fang (Morr Music, 2013)

More flowers:

Flower in my veins” by Texas Jesús featured on the album “Jæja vinur!” (Geimsteinn, 1996)

Picking Flowers” by Texas Jesús feat. Heida Eiríks on vocals

Flowers are Evil” by Vindva Mei

But the flowers needs some sun: SSSól – “Kartöflur

Brain Police “Taste the Flower

Pétur Östlunds Kvartett album made the song “Power Flower
HAM: “Æskublóm

Here’s Pétur Ben song “Yellow Flower“, brought live on KEXP

Bubbi Morthens’ song: “Serbian Flower

- Wim Van Hooste

Many thanks to Ingrid Vermaut, Jeff Obermeyer, Viðar Hákon Gislason, Rúnar Magnússon, Björn Gunnlaugsson, Trausti Júlíusson and Úlfur Eldjárn for all their suggestions.