An edgy evening of bad taste:
The life of Einar Örn Benediktsson (°29. October 1962), so far, so good!

In 1977: Living for a while in London – first contact with punk music (Johnny Rotten, John Peel)

In 1980: he booked the Clash to perform at the Reykjavík Arts Festival and became the manager of the punk band Utangarðsmenn (Outsiders)

Co-founder of the Gramm Label and Smekkleysa hf. (Bad Taste Ltd.) label

His first band Purrkur Pillnikk (1981-1982)

Two songs in the rockumentary “Rokk í Reykjavík” (1982): ‘Gluggagægir’ & ‘Augun úti’

A song aired/played in the radio show of John Peel in 1982: ‘Fullkomnun’ (from the 1982 album Googooplex)

Live on Icelandic TV in 1982

PAKK! (1983)

Steinar Express (1983)

ISS! (1983)

A very rare live recording made by connaisseur Trausti Júlíusson

KUKL (1983-1986)

“The eye” (CRASS, 1986): ‘Dismembered’

“Holidays in Europe” (CRASS, 1986): ‘Holland’

A session broadcasted on Icelandic TV (feat. a very pregnant Björk)

The Sugarcubes (1986-1992)

First 7 inch “Einn mol á man” with the track ‘Ammæli’

Sykurmolarnir with Sjón a.k.a. Johnny Triumph

“Cold sweat” rare promo video

Ornamental (1987) with Rose McDowall

“No Pain” 12 inch (Gramm label: GRAMM 28)

Frostbite (1993) with Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson (HÖH): album “The second coming” (One Little Indian Label)

Grindverk (1997) with HÖH & Siggi Baldursson

“Gesundheit von K”, a 12 inch on FatCat Records label

The ‘101 Reykjavík’ Soundtrack with Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz)(2001)  

Ghostigital (2003-present)

“Einar Örn/Ghostigital” début (2003)

“In Cod we trust”(2006)

A GusGus RMX of “Hvar Eru Peningarnir Minir? “ a.k.a. “Where is my money?”

Gorillaz’ song “Stop the dams”, on the B-side of “Kids with Guns/El Mañana” (2006, re-released on the 2007 compilation album “D-sides”) was a collaboration with Ghostigital

Live gig recorded by KEXP in RVK in 2012

“Not my government”, a 7 inch release (2015), one side with the song/other side artwork by EÖB himself

– Wim Van Hooste