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EinarIndra (1981) is a electronic musician that mixes smooth electronics with his distinct vocal manipulation creating a indie/electronic/soul mix. He released his first album on the icelandic electronic label Möller Records,http://www.mollerrecords.com in 2014. Since then he has been apparent in the icelandic music scene and getting attention worldwide.
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Thanx for checking out my project. The thing is that I have some tracks that I’m really looking forward to putting out there in the cosmos and your help is crucial, with it I will be able to bring to you a CD, vinyl and a mp3.

The album will have two different sides to it, one will consist of my original tracks and then we will have another one were beautiful icelandic electronic musicians, from Möller records, will remix each track.

And as an extra treat I’m gonna throw in a full length relaxing unreleased ambient album, perfect for those long relaxing baths and meditation.

The cover art will be a painting by the brilliant artist Nikhil Kirsch (http://nikhilkirsh.com – Check him out) which will be very beautiful on the big vinyl cover.

All help is really appreciated and of course I will be in great depth (which I hope to repay back with the resulting music)

You would be helping me out with mixing, mastering, pressing of vinyl, making a cd, cover and if something is left it goes to do more videos.

Down below you can hear some new tunes with promises of what is to come…

Thanx and many blessings,


“He is definitely someone you should keep an eye on in 2016 – ‘Sometimes I’m Wrong’ is taken from the forthcoming EP Stories which you’ll be able to hear by the end of this month, and his second album is set to be released later on this year. In the meantime give ‘Sometimes I’m Wrong’ a listen, it may become one of your new favourites!”
JaJaJa Music

“Worked me into the kind of introspective trance that it’s hard to snap out of. Like the midway point between the songwriting of Bon Iver and the scattered beats of Prefuse 73, which ended up sounding like James Blake but deeper somehow”
The 405

“Can´t stop listening to this song (Thoughts). Amazing stuff from einarIndra”
Funkþátturinn – Iceland Radio

“..everyone in the audience is staring at them. truly beautiful work, I almost cried. subtle, darker harmonies..”
Reykjavík Grapevine – Iceland Airwaves 2014

“..impressive sounds that could be likened to a mix between James Blake, Bon Iver and The Acid..”
Acid Stag – http://acidstag.com/

“…We find him making music that is clearer and more focussed than ever before. Earning his place as part of the next generation of Icelandic artists with the potential to make waves across the world…”
The 405 – http://thefourohfive.com – Singles of the week