Songs about food & drinks in the Icelandic music history.

Eating and drinking are primordial needs of humans. So the Icelandic species have to fill their stomachs too. The question is: Do musicians sing about their appetite? Movin’ to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches.

Enjoy the yummy Icelandic cuisine and cooking!

Hungry like the wolf

When The Sugarcubes were not sucking Danish sugarcubes with their coffee, they were thinking and singing about food and drinks the whole day.

Listen to “I’m hungry”

Often the band was so hungry they wanted to “Eat the menu”.

But here’s a short reminder: Einar doesn’t like lobsters!

“Eat your car” by Sugarcubes drummer Siggi’s alter ego Bogomil Font.

Years earlier Siggi performed the song with Þeyr about drinking tea,  “Tedrukkinn”.

A single taken from the album “Iður til Fóta” (1981). Track was also included on their compilation album “Mjötviður til Fóta” released in 2001. The song was renamed “Are You Still There” for their album “As Above…”.

No tea for Margrét Örnólfsdóttir a.k.a. Magga Sugarcube. She recorded the song “Kaffi” (Coffee) for the soundtrack of the movie “Einkalíf” (Private Life)(1995).

Next to Siggi & Magga, Björk worked together with the infamous singer Megas on his double album “Hættuleg Hljómsveit & Glæpakvendið Stella” (A dangerous band & the criminal Stella) (1990).

They recorded a song about a grapefruit and applejuice (“Greip og eplasafi”).

Keflavík’s girl power band Kolrassa Krókríðandi (later known as Bellatrix) had a big appetite too.
“Ó, ég er svo svöng” (Oh, I am so hungry) from the album “Kynjasögur” (1995)

Skál: Iceland on the rocks

Reykjavík is a great city to sip a coffee. The black liquid is very popular, all day long. Gunnar Jökull Hákonarson wrote a song about his coffee. Gunnar – also known in Iceland as the drummer who nearly joined the band Yes – put the song “Kaffið mitt” (My coffee) on his first solo album “Hamfarir” (Catastrophe), released in 1995.

Spilverk Þjóðanna recorded the song “Egils appelsín”, about Iceland’s own Fanta. To be found on the album “Nokkur Lykilatriði” (1984)


In case you want a hot chocolate, take a listen to “Kakó” by Múzzólíní.
Or the one by Reptile from the album “Efta!” (Bad Taste, 2000). Ex-Reptile member Margrét Örnólfsdóttir is fond of hot chololate too, “Einkalif” soundtrack contains a song entitled “Kakó”.

“Bjór”, a Fræbbblarnir song from 1981 about a man’s best friend, a bottle of beer.

Live at Rock in Reykjavik 2.0 tribute concert (24. May 2012).

Icecreams and lollipops


S.H. Draumur, starring Dr Gunni, made the song “Grænir Frostpinnar”. These green lollipops are very popular items while watching a movie at the cinema. It is a track from the album “Bless” (Erðanúmúsik, 1988).

Dr. Gunni wrote a song for Heiða for the Icelandic Eurovision preselection about icecreams: “Ísinn” (2008).

Heiða is fond of icecreams. Her band Hellvar used to have an icecream drum machine. A song taken from the album “Bat out of Hellvar” (Kimi Records, 2007).

Hafdis Huld’s song is called “Ice Cream is nice” (“Dirty Paper Cup” album, Red Grape, 2006).

Verði þér að góðu

The band Californian Cheeseburger prefers to be “In the kitchen” (from the album “Holland Island Bar Light”)

“Réttur dagsins” (Today’s menu) is a song from Botnleðja’s album “Fólk er fífl” (1995).

My summer as salvation soldier recorded the track “Ham on rye”, a title derived from the semi-autobiographical novel by author/poet Charles Bukowski (1982)

The band Reptile preferred “Kebab” above a hot dog (“Efta!” album, 2000).


The band Prinspóló was named after Iceland’s most favourite Polish classic chocolate bar with the name Prince Polo. The band’s founder Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson is also the man behind the veggie hot dog Bulsur.

Fræbbblarnir went to the candy store, like most Icelandic children do on a Saturday: “Viltu nammi væna?” (Would you like some candy, dear?) (1980).

On múm’s “Go Go Smear The Ivy (2007) there is the song “Marmalade fires”.

Iceland’s Prince made the song “Hakk og spaghetti” (Spaghetti bolognese/Minced meat and spaghetti), featured on their album “Jukk” (Kimi Records, 2011)

Jóhann G. Jóhannsson made a song about his favourite dish: “Íslensk kjötsúpa” (Icelandic meat soup). Iceland Review made a video how to make this delicious traditional lamb soup (stew) yourself.

You haven’t been to 101 Reykjavik if you haven’t tried a hot dog at Bæjarins beztu, the place to put your teeth in one with everything (“Ein með öllu”). Not only the Irish Pogues were singing about hot dogs with everything. It is also the name of an eighties compilation album out on Steinar label (1983), featuring one song by Björk’s band Tappi Tíkarrass.


Tappi’s song is “Ilty Ebni”, a track from the EP “Bítið Fast í Vítið” (Bite Hard Into Hell)

The first album of Bubbeflies “The world is still alive” (Hljómalind, 1993) features the song “Strawberries”.

Conclusion you could make:
Icelanders eat a lot of hot dogs, candy, icecreams & lollipops, and drink a lot of coffee.

Bon appétit!
PS: Merci beaucoup Trausti Júlíusson

– Wim Van Hooste -