I proudly present you my personal favourites of 2018:

My most favourite tune “Nornalagið” by Kælan Mikla from my most favourite album of 2018 : ‘Nótt efter Nótt‘ (Artoffact Records)

Live version filmed by the German Orange ‘Ear crew

Another fine album was “Spaces”  by einzelgänger AAIIEENN

Muted released his album “Empire“, cover design by DJ Geimskip og Flugvél

Read an interview in the magazine Reykjavik on stage Issue #4 (Winter 2018):

The best cassette was by Skaði (Þórðardóttir)  “Jammið” (FALK Records label)

Arnar Guðjónsson (Leaves) & Hrafn Thoroddsen (Ensími) , the Duo Warmland, made this video for the song “Nicest“, a track from an upcoming album in 2019

Forget Queen, King, Prince, Princess, here’s the only Prince of Iceland, “Prins Póló” with the video for the song ” Líf ertu að grínast” from his 3rd album “Þriðja kryddið’

Also troubadour Svavar Knútur came up with a new great album, “Ahoy! Side A” that came with a beautiful video for “The Hurting

Teitur Magnússon, the bearded RVKingur made the album “Orna

The bad boys of Fufanu released their longplayer “The Dialogue Series” on the English One Little Indian label. Enjoy the video made by the Snorri Brothers !

If you say Bad Boys, you’ll need some Grrl Power with some female “Hórmónar” with “Glussi” taken from début LP “Nanananabúbú

Kontinuum had “No Need to Reason “, here’s the track “Shivers” (Season of Mist Records)

The upcoming duo Bagdad Brothers made a weird fitness video for the song “Brian Eno Says: Quit your Job“, featured on their debut “JÆJA

The Whizkid on Theremin Hekla release her début as well: the video for the song “Stundum” (Phantum Limb Records)

Futuregrapher teamed up with Eric “The” Taylor to record “Effects of clouds

Andi came up with another fantastic album entitled “Allt í einu


– Wim Van Hooste