Oli Dori DJ photo

Hello! We first met at an international after-after party at your small apartment after Airwaves back in 2009. Great times. You gave me a small Icelandic breakfast to walk my way to the hotel.

And now we can talk about your career as a DJ in the 101 area.

Please introduce yourself in 1 sentence… My name is Óli Dóri and I have been dj-ing in Reykjavík for over a decade.

When did your career as a DJ start? I played my first played gig in downtown Reykjavík in February 2005.

First DJing for friends perhaps? After school or during school events? My first gig in Reykjavík was at a school event.

Do you remember your first time DJing? When I was 15 years old I played at my older sister’s wedding.

Were you succesfull from the start? People were dancing from the start, so yes…

What’s the biggest difference in DJing at the moment and in the ‘old days’. Technical stuff for sure. At first I used mostly CDs and some vinyl. Now, it’s a computer and a controller.

What style(s) do you usually play? A good mixture of electronic, house and hip-hop.

What kind of gear do you use to perform? I use Traktor S8 controller from Native Instruments and a Macbook pro.

Do you have a favourite RVK venue to play your music? Why (not)? Húrra is my favourite venue to play at, the crowd there can get really crazy in a good way! It has the potential to turn into a party.

Did you play abroad? I have played twice in the US.

I just read you had a gig inside a volcano. How exciting! Can you tell us some details on how this event came alive please?

The company that handles the tours inside the volcano Þríhnukagigur wanted to throw a memorable party at the volcano for the tour guides who work there and this has never been done before.

DJ Oli Dori Volcano Gig 2016

As a site about Icelandic music I have to ask you this: Do you play a lot of Icelandic stuff? Or more occasionally?

 Yes I do, If I hear something that fits my set.

I know that this is a hard job, but with your experience as one of the masterminds behind www.straum.is site and radio program your should be the right man to ask: Do you have ‘all time’ favourite Icelandic musicians? Farvourite albums and/or songs you love to hear at every moment of the day, or I could wake you up for?

There are so many great Icelandic artists/albums/songs but the first song that comes to mind that I could hear every moment of the day would beGuiding Light” by Singapore Sling!

Some plans in the near future? Keep on dj-ing and master my craft!

Thank you Wim!

Takk mate!

- DJ Kókómjólk Wim Van Hooste