The Björk song “107 steps”, featured in Lars von Trier’s movie “Dancer in the Dark’, inspired me to write this item: Dead (Wo)Man Walking!

Play dead or play that deadly song by immortal artists.

Death is not the end!

Dead Sea Apple

Here’s the video for the song “Mist of the Mourning” from their album “Crush” (1996)

Dead Skeletons

“Dead Mantra” or Dead2

Death of a Scooba fish


“Dead Duck” from the album “Me and Armini”, Emiliana Torrini’s 5th studio album (2008)

“Play Dead” by Björk, is a song played during the end titles of the movie “Young Americans” (1993). Extra track they’ve put on Björk’s “Debut” album.

“Aftermath” was the first single from kimono’s 2nd album “Arctic Death Ship” (Smekkleysa, 2005)

“Death Before Disco” is an album (Smekkleysa, 2006) by indie pop group Jeff Who?

“Bipolar breakdown”

The returm album of HAM was “Svik, harmur, dauði” (English: Betrayal, Tragedy and Death)(Smekkleysa, 2011).

“Dauð Hóra” (Dead Hooker)

Graveslime goes Vangelis on their one and only release “Roughness and Toughness” (Grandmother Records, 2005)

“Chariots of fire”

“Skeletons having sex on a tiny roof” by Orphic Oxtra.

Singapore Sling’s “Living Dead” is a song taken from the 2nd studio album “Life is killing my rock ‘n’ roll” (Shepstone/Stinky Records, 2004)

“Song for the dead” from “Taste the blood of Singapore Sling” (12 Tónar, 2005)

“Ég dansa við lík” (I dance with a dead body) from the album “Goð” by S.H. Draumur


– Wim Van Hooste